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Your membership in the Eastern Prince Edward Island Chamber of Commerce brings many advantages. Join with your fellow business owners and representatives for events and networking opportunities, take advantage of our member benefits and discounts, find business support and advice, and have your views represented at local, provincial and national levels through the Chamber’s on-going lobbying activity.

In many cases membership pays for itself through the discounts and other benefits available.

Small business is the backbone of Eastern Prince Edward Island, and by joining together in a united voice, we are stronger.

Reasons to become a Chamber member:

Networking opportunities

In Eastern Prince Edward Island, we are spread out over a large area, and it is often challenging to get together. Our networking and other events can be seen on the Events page.

Member benefits and discounts

The benefits and discounts available to Chamber members outweigh the costs of joining. Whether through fuel discounts, group insurance plans, or other benefits, your membership has many direct benefits. You can see a full list of our benefits and discounts on the Membership benefits page.

Business support and advice

The strength of the Chamber comes from our experienced entrepreneurs. We realize that working together to build our region is the best route to prosperity and success. When you have questions, we will work with you to connect you to the people that have the answers.

Lobbying and influence

The voice of small business is usually lost. The Chamber is uniquely positioned to speak for our region in support of our businesses.

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